To become an industry leader;
Creating long-term value for society
Efficient, safe and sustainable gold mining;
Creating a long-term low-carbon environment for society
Corporate Culture
Technology driven;
Security as the core;
Environmental responsibility.

Share price

02489 0.710 ↑+0.010 1.43%    HSI 17,941.780 ↓-170.850 -0.94%    GC 2,348.40 ↑+30.4 +1.3%

Mining Operations

We have two gold mines, the Songjiagou open-pit mine and the Songjiagou underground mine.
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Mineral Processing

We process ore into gold concentrate at our ore processing plant with an annual ore processing capacity of approximately 2,000 kt (6,0 kt/day)
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As a responsible mining enterprise and employer, the establishment and implementation of good environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and practices is crucial for the Group, while also increasing the sustainable investment value of the Group and providing long-term returns to our shareholders.
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Brief Introduction

Persistence Resources Group Ltd (“Persistence” or the “Company”) was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on 21 May 2019. Persistence through its wholly-owned subsidiary – Majestic Yantai Gold Ltd. (BVI) (“Majestic Yantai BVI”)has established Yantai Zhongjia Mining Co. Ltd. (“Yantai Zhongjia”) in Yantai city of Shandong Province, China. Majestic Yantai BVI owns 75% of Yantai Zhongjia and other 25% of Yantai Zhongjia is owned by Yantai City Dahedong Mineral Processing Co. Ltd. (“Yantai Dahedong”).


Equipment & Environment

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